2ton Telescopic arm loader


China Manufacturer 1500kg 2000kg 2500kg Telescopic Handlers wheel loaders for sale

Telescopic loader

Two units in a 40'HQ container , remove the cabin , still able to drive normally . 

The wooden wedge secures the wheel and the wire rope secures the frame to ensure that the machine is safe during transport. Photo taken this week, this backhoe loader will be shipped to Hamburg, arriving 45 days later. The same model has been exported to more than a dozen different countries such as European market.

Telescopic arm loader

After the production of each Telescopic Handlers wheel loaders, it will pass the professional one-day test, driving test, work test, after the test is completely passed, and then shipped. 

Ensure that each machine is in optimal condition before shipment .

After the customer receives the Telescopic Handlers wheel loaders, we will guide the installation and use. Provide up to one year of waranty service. Let customers rest assured to buy and use our Telescopic Handlers wheel loaders.

2ton Telescopic loader

MR2000 Telescopic Handlers wheel loaders , machine weight 5600kg, front bucket 2000kg rated load , 16/70-20 tires, with Yunnei 76kw engine (cummins engine for option). 

Lifting height 5500mm.

An extremely excellent product, a multi-purpose machine, welcome to your inquiry.

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